lauren_ambroseAbout Sunny

Winner of the 2012 Grand Jury Prize IFF Boston, About Sunny stars Lauren Ambrose, Audrey Scott, Dylan Baker, and Penelope Ann Miller. The film premiered at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival where Rex Reed called it a wrenching but admirably unsentimental film about the bravery of the human condition. Lauren was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead. Available on demand and digital from Oscilloscope.
Hamptons tiffHamptons

losing_groundLosing Ground

Called fascinating filmmaking that gets to the core of humanity by Film Threat, the feature film Losing Ground unfolds in real-time over a single night in a Las Vegas video-poker bar where seven people come in, interact, strike up friendships of convenience, win, lose, and go home.

fmuhFilm Makes Us Happy

The short Film Makes Us Happy documents the last fight my wife and I will ever have
about making films. It was recently featured on No Budge and Turnpress Contemporary. It screened at Hamptons, Rooftop, DocPoint Helsinki and on Wholphin.

ifpHumor Me

The screenplay Humor Me, written by Andrew Semans and Bryan Wizemann, was accepted into IFP's Independent Film Week and is in development.