The Prince of Nigeria

A young Nigerian’s attempts at a better life ensnare a Florida retiree, a single woman in London, and a family in Minneapolis into a world of deception - showing how far some will go for love, for status, for freedom. Episodic series.

Each Coming Night

The contemporary teenage drama Each Coming Night is in development. Listen to the Filmwax Radio interview, read The Moveable Feast article, or download the LookBook for this project.

You Mean Everything to Me

The dramatic feature You Mean Everything to Me has just completed production and stars Morgan Saylor and Ben Rosenfield. Download the LookBook for this project.


Bryan wrote and directed the feature ABOUT SUNNY, starring Lauren Ambrose, Dylan Baker, and Penelope Ann Miller. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and won the Grand Jury Prize at IFF Boston. Rex Reed called it a “wrenching but admirably unsentimental film about the bravery of the human condition.” Lauren Ambrose was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead. Distributed by Oscilloscope.

His feature LOSING GROUND was adapted from his critically acclaimed New York stage play and features the original cast. It was called “fascinating filmmaking that gets to the core of humanity” by Film Threat.

Bryan's short film work includes BUTTON SOUP, THE MORNING SUN, the television show COOKLYN, and FILM MAKES US HAPPY, which documents the last fight he'll ever have with his wife about making films.


You Mean Everything to Me

Feature Film 2019

HD 4k, color, 100min. 2019
Producer | Writer | Director

After getting kicked out of her sister's place, Cassandra
falls hard and fast for Nathan, a local DJ. After a whirlwind
romance, he starts distancing them from her friends and
family, and his demands grow increasingly darker.
Confused and desperate, she must figure out how to save
another from the same fate.

The Prince of Nigeria

Episodic Pilot 2018

A young Nigerian’s attempts at a better life ensnare a Florida
retiree, a single woman in London, and a family in Minneapolis
into a world of deception - showing how far some will go for
love, for status, for freedom.

Year Million

National Geographic Episodic Series 2017

Year Million, a six-part documentary-drama series from
National Geographic, explores what it will be like to
be human one million years into the future.

The Weakest Fish

Feature Screenplay 2016

A teenage boy flees to Mexico after witnessing his
mother's murder, where he discovers a new world.

Each Coming Night

Feature Screenplay 2015

Dan, a suburban high school senior falls hard for Jessie,
an impulsive girl from his school. Dan soon realizes that
his new girlfriend is spiraling out of control. Jessie won't
let him go, and threatens to take him down with her.


HD, color, 28min. 2015
Concept | Director | Editor | Sound

Six Episode BRIC Television Series, Brooklyn NY
Television pilot, Brooklyn NY

About Sunny

HD, color, 103min. 2012
Writer | Director

WINNER Grand Jury Prize, Independent Film Festival Boston
Independent Spirit Award Nomination for Best Female Lead
US Premiere Hamptons International Film Festival
World Premiere Toronto International Film Festival
Top three winners, Slamdance Feature Screenplay Competition

Humor Me

Feature Screenplay
written with Andrew Semans, 2011

Just as her life is finally coming together, Alia Marantz
gets dumped. His reason? She has no sense of humor. Alia
pledges to prove her ex wrong and to show the world that
she is, in fact, funny.

Film Makes Us Happy

HD, color, 12min. 2010
Concept | Producer | Director | Editor | Sound

DocPoint International Film Festival, Helsinki
Featured film on the Wholphin DVD website
International Film Festival of Boston, MA
Rooftop Films, Best of Summer Shorts, Brooklyn, NY
Hamptons International Film Festival, East Hampton, NY
80 Minutes of Shorts, New York NY

The Odyssey

Feature Screenplay 2009

Three college friends spending their last summer
together embark on a fateful trip to Montreal.

The Morning Sun

HD, color, 5min. 2007
Producer | Writer | Director | Sound

Rooftop Films, Brooklyn, NY
Independent Film Channel
Winner IFC Media Lab Best of July

Losing Ground

DVCam, color, 90min. 2005
Producer | Writer | Director

Santa Fe Film Festival, Santa Fe, NM
CineVegas Film Festival, Las Vegas, NV
Cinequest Film Festival, San Jose, CA


16mm, color, 85min. 1998
Producer | Writer | Director | Editor

IFFM, Angelika Film Center, New York, NY
Cornell Cinema, Willard Straight Theatre, Ithaca, NY

Button Soup

16mm, b&w sepia, 14min. 1996
Producer | Writer | Director | Editor

Cinema Village Theater, New York, NY
Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Ithaca, NY