Cooklyn is a half-hour cooking show, sort of. It's more like a bunch of drunks trying to make a cooking show. The cooking show thing is sort of a ruse to drink, travel, cook, explore, get into trouble, and just talk to normal people about food.

No animals were harmed in the making of the pilot, except for the bunny we had slaughtered at a Halal live animal place. In the first episode you learn how to make rabbit risotto. You can watch the pilot's trailer above.

Principal Crew

Directed by
Bryan Wizemann
Director of Photography
Mark Schwartzbard
Brad Studstrup
Brian Bowles M.P.S.E
Production Sound
Jerry Liu
Camera Assistant
Autumn Eakin
Music By
Greg Schatz


Hosted By
Matt Rubendall

Alicia Goranson
Tracy Hartman
ErinSniff Norris

Also With
Jeffrey Berman
Marshall LaCroix
Matthew DiFrancesco
Scott Murchison
Colby Spath


Treatment (pdf)