A drinking show with a cooking problem


A six episode series airing on BRIC TV

Cooklyn is what happens when a bunch of drinking buddies are asked to make a cooking show – really an excuse to explore Brooklyn, get into trouble, and talk to normal or famous or homeless people about good food. And drink and cook. Doing the cooking is Matt, who also makes guitars. Hannah Kirshner is Jill of all trades in food: media—writer, recipe developer, and food stylist. She’s been throwing fabulous dinner parties since she was too young to drink, and travels to Japan as often as possible to study culinary crafts and eat okonomiyaki. Artist/filmmaker Sam sings a little, breaks things, and enjoys making life harder for everyone else. Bryan directs and produces and runs sound and edits and drives everyone around. He's also made a bunch of critically acclaimed indie films that have never really made any money. We’ve also never made a TV show, and it shows.

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Episode 1

Red Hook Cassoulet

Episode 2

Sunset Park Pork Salsa Verde

Episode 3

Jackson Heights Crab Masala

Episode Outlines

Episode 1 - Red Hook Cassoulet

In the first episode we’re going to make a cassoulet with duck confit, which means we’re gonna need a duck. We’ll ask around about ducks. Maybe the folks fishing off the piers have hooked a duck, maybe the boat captain has. Maybe someone keeps ducks as pets nearby, we’ll see.

Episode 2 - Sunset Park Pork Salsa Verde

Who doesn’t like Mexican food! People with digestive issues that’s who. But we’re all good “down there” so we’re off to Sunset Park to this small Mexican enclave up and down 5th avenue to explore what they have to offer.

Episode 3 - Jackson Heights Crab Masala

In episode three we go to Jackson Heights, Queens even though the show is called Cooklyn and claims to be about Brooklyn. But Jackson Heights is where all the good Indian stuff is and that’s what we’re cooking, Crab Masala dry fry. We meet Chitra who runs Brooklyn Dehli and is our special guest whose going to show us around and tell us what’s up with dosas and chutneys and all that.